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Business SMS Solutions

Cut through the clutter using Business SMS

Text messages are read on average, within five seconds. 
The average response time is 90 seconds.

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Cut through the clutter using SMS

SMS produces engagement rates six to
eight times higher than email and voicemail

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Business SMS Messaging Made Easy 

Discover what makes Mobile Teleshoppe the right choice for your enterprise. With other channels such as voice and email losing effectiveness, more and more businesses are turning to SMS to ensure their message is delivered. We are your out-of-the-box and fully fledged business SMS solution.

Start with business texting that's as easy to manage as your email inbox. We’ve built Mobile Teleshoppe to deliver powerful features and flexibility with a focus on simplicity. Explore all the features that make Mobile Teleshoppe the right choice for your business messaging needs.

  • Learn what makes Mobile Teleshoppe so effective, simple, and scalable
  • See how small businesses, organizations, real estate, on-demand delivery services, and more use business SMS

Explore What Makes SMS Right for Your Business

Business SMS inbox
Send text from computer

Build a Custom SMS Platform with Mobile Teleshoppe

With Mobile Teleshoppe's API you can make SMS marketing easier on your employees and SMS recipients. With access to our API, your developers can integrate your CRM or other software. Build your own custom SMS solution powered by Mobile Teleshoppe in no time flat. Our API includes:

  • Flexible and powerful API includes: SMS, MMS, inbound and outbound messaging inbox, shortcode, text to join, scheduled messages, group messages, contact database, analytics, archiving and more
  • We offer a rich API documentation library to reference 

Everything You Need for Business SMS Messaging

Business SMS Line

Text Enabled Business Line

Port in or use one of our business phone numbers for all your communication 

Business SMS Short Code


Use our shared shortcode or purchase your own vanity code

Business SMS Attachments

Message Attachments

Include files such as PDFs, Images, documents and more in your message

Business MMS Messages

MMS Messages

Mobile Teleshoppe phone numbers are capable of receiving inbound picture MMS messages.

Bulk SMS Actions

Bulk Inbox Actions

Star, mark as read/unread, label and filter messages in your inbox. Send text from computer easily

Business SMS Inbox

Online Messaging Inbox

All your messages automatically organized and collected in an online dashboard

Unlimited SMS Keywords


Enable unlimited text-to-join keywords on any plan

Business SMS Contact Database

Contact Database

Upload, add, edit, and manage all your contacts to streamline sending messages

Business SMS Mobile App

Mobile Phone Apps

Take Mobile Teleshoppe everywhere you go with iOS and Android smartphone text messaging apps

Business SMS API

Messaging API

Build custom SMS solutions powered by Mobile Teleshoppe

Inbound & Outbout Business SMS

Inbound & Outbound

Send and receive with two-way messaging, including one-to-one and one-to-many

Mobile Teleshoppe Business SMS

Group Texting

Create, organize and send messages to groups 

Business SMS

Conversation threads

Each inbound or outbound message is added to a chronological thread.

Business SMS Analytics

Analytics and Reporting

Gather insights, graphs, and download data for usage analysis.

Business SMS Archives

Message Archives

All messages are timestamped and archived for searchability.