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Modern Laundry Service Manages Dispatch through Mobile Texting

Washio is a Los Angeles-based startup providing modern, tech-savvy dry cleaning and laundry service delivered to your door. When the company first began its rapid expansion into five cities, dispatch support agents lacked the infrastructure to manage thousands of daily text message requests from drivers and customers. Mobile Teleshoppe turned this unorganized, unmanageable volume of SMS correspondence into one searchable, analytics-enabled system. Washio support agents now have instant access to the information they need to resolve customer concerns and on-the-go driver questions. With Mobile Teleshoppe, the Washio fleet can confidently grow into new metros while delivering on its promise of timely, reliable laundry service.

“Our support team and drivers are now in constant contact, and best of all Mobile Teleshoppe archives every conversation providing increased visibility and streamlining our processes."

Delivery/Dispatch • 50 Employees

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Lawn Love

San Diego Startup Uses Text Messaging to Pioneer On-Demand Lawn Care

Mobile technology is the lifeline of startups providing new on-demand services, from rideshare to laundry service to gourmet meals. Why not apply the same principles to the home landscaping industry? Lawn Love is using Mobile Teleshoppe to manage a growing fleet of lawn techs across ten cities, and the whole operation is powered via business text messaging. This startup’s faster-than-ever service and tech-savvy business model make it a clear leader in the marketplace. And it’s all thanks to professional SMS communication.

“We are bringing a high tech solution to a traditionally low tech industry,” says Jeremy Yamaguchi, Founder of Lawn Love. “Mobile Teleshoppe allows us to communicate directly with lawn techs via text, and they don’t even need a smartphone.”

On-demand service industry 17 employees

Discover what Mobile Teleshoppe can do for your business.

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“At Asana we strive to make communication effortless. We chose Mobile Teleshoppe because it aligns with our vision, and gives our sales team a big advantage in mobility, flexibility, and customer development.”

Kenny Van Zant COO, Asana

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