Mobile Teleshoppe SMS Marketing API and Developer Tools

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SMS Marketing API

With access to Mobile Teleshoppe's API, your developers can gain access to integrate our sms marketing software with the tools that are important to you that you use everyday. Get in touch with a sales representative today if you would like to add API access to your Mobile Teleshoppe account. You'll be up and running in no time at all because Mobile Teleshoppe is the SMS marketing company for you.

SMS Marketing with API

Send and receive built in

Save engineering time by getting an inbox, tracking all your conversations and easy access to each thread, keeping your communication in context.

SMS Marketing API

Powerful features

Schedule SMS marketing campaigns, create unlimited keywords for Text-to-Join campaigns, get realtime feedback on messages, fully functional contact database with groups, and more sms marketing services

SMS Marketing API Use Case

Example use cases

Send users updates on objects they're following, send app invites, get inbound support queries via sms. Automate your sms marketing campaigns.

Simple Integration

Sending a message is a simple post request, like this: 
"contacts": [1111], 
"text": "Testing"

Number is the number you used to signup - not the number Mobile Teleshoppe gave you.

APIKEY is available on the settings page (You must be logged in to your account).

For example, to send a message in cURL you would run:

curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST --data '{"contacts" : [1111],"text" : "Testing"}'\&api_key=APIKEY

API Request

You can start using the Mobile Teleshoppe API today. API access available on our custom plans. View plans.